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“Audrey Hepburn: The Alluring Spirit”, a photography exhibition

21st October 2018, Sunday at Image and Space, Beijing

Michael Grecco

Michael Grecco’s Icons, with a talk “Lighting, Photography and my Inspirations”.

Read Michael’s foreword (PDF)

Michael Grecco is an award winning and internationally renowned photographer of celebrity portraits, advertising and editorial commissions, private collections and find art. His exhibition was held at the Image and Space in Beijing on 15th September 2018. His artwork proves to be popular with the audience, many were very proud to have owned a piece of art and slice of Hollywood.

“I go out every day with the intention of breaking visual rules and creating evocative, cinematic images that inspire.”

– Michael Grecco

Past exhibitions

Photography Changes the World

The “Photography Changes the World” exhibition is open to the public from 5th June – 4th July 2017. Admission is free.


Image, The World, You and Me

A photography dialogue “Image, The World, You and Me” was held at our Image and Space Café-Gallery on 16th May 2017. Presentations were from Mark Wagner, the aviation photographer / pilot / trainer from London; Kimberly Hoang, Senior Picture Editor of the Guardian; and Zhang Kaiyuan, a local Image Researcher from Xinhua News. Some of Mark’s images were known to the many Chinese audience, which made him an unexpected celebrity on the night.


Opening events

The “Photography Changes the World” exhibition with the talk “Image, The World, You and Me” kickstarted the opening of the 800m² Image and Space on 16th May 2017. An audience of one hundred were invited, and delicious food and drinks produced at the Café were served on the night.