The Farms we buy from

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Edmunds, ME. Organic diet. No antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. Birds are raised outside with full access to pasture. Tide Mill Organic Farm, with its sprawling barns and fertile fields, has been home and workplace to the same Maine family for 200 years. (That’s nine generations. We must love it here!)

We are Aaron, Carly, Hailey, Paige, Henry, and Ruth. We live a traditional way of life, in tune with tides and seasons, but modernized with cell phones, a web site, soccer practice, and a minivan. Our family is probably a lot like yours, just with more sizes of rubber boots.

Our days revolve around growing and producing organic meat, dairy, and vegetables, making a living and a life from the ground up.

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Pine Tree Poultry

New Sharon, Maine. Offering free range turkey, chicken and beef. We raise our animals in a healthy sustainable manner.  They are all free range, they are not kept in cages, but are kept in large air barns and pastured.  We are a conventional farm and do not use antibiotics or hormones and feed an all vegetarian grain. All of our poultry is raised from day old at the farm, cared for daily by one of our family members, and processed in an on farm facility to ensure the highest quality of care.  Processing on farm reduces the stress on the bird and also allows us to be sure that our poultry is given the utmost care in the final moments.

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Common Wealth Farm LLC 

covers 82 wooded and pastured acres. About a third of those acres is dedicated to raising pastured chickens, turkey, ducks, and quail. Beehives, some fruit trees, four barn cats, and one dog also occupy a portion. Our pond attracts wild birds including blue herons, egrets, various wild ducks, and eagles. Grazing deer complete the serene setting. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality poultry and game bird products by means of sustainable and humane practices. We use organic food supplements for our broilers and turkeys and non-GMO food supplements for our layer chickens and ducks. The chickens are in brooders until they are mature enough to go outside, at which time they are pastured in "tractors" that are moved every day to fresh grass until old enough to be processed.  Layer birds and ducks are pastured. There are no antibiotics, fertilizers, animal by-products, hormones, insecticides, or pesticides on the farm.

From May through November, we process, cut, and package our birds on site in our state-licensed facility. The birds are air-chilled prior to packaging which helps create the wonderful flavor they are known for. We aim to provide world-class chicken you can get only from a small farm in Maine!

Sunny Side Farm

We are a small family farm and licensed poultry slaughter facility in Aroostook County, Northern Maine. At the moment, we currently grow and/or raise:

• All natural meat chickens (available year-round, whole and in different cuts)
• All natural turkeys (available in-season)
• U-Pick Blueberries, Raspberries, Pumpkins, Apples
• and 7 children


Caldwell Farm

With over 65 years of farming experience, the folks at Caldwell Farm know a thing or two about classic American-style beef. The cows are raised in a safe and humane manner using traditional organic methods. They are fed 85 percent silage (hay) from the farm’s own fields and finished on locally raised, non-GMO grain. What this means for you is a large, juicy rib eye that needs nothing more than a bit of salt and a slathering of butter to accentuate the natural beef flavor. Yes, this also means you can throw that bottle of A1 Steak Sauce into the trash can, because letting even one drop of it touch meat like this would instantly undo any good karma you may have accumulated.


L.P. Bissons & Sons Inc

116 Meadow Rd., Topsham, Maine 04086

Fresh quality Meat and Dairy products.


Broad Arrow Farm

Broad Arrow Farm grew out of a desire to provide an alternative to the industrial food model. 
We wanted to grow real food that reflects the place where it’s grown, promotes Maine’s economy and gives the community a local choice.
We believe that our approach is better for the animals, better for the soil and better for the consumer.


Big Daddy's Farm

is located on a 54 acre plot of land in Whitefield, Maine. The tall green house you see is currently home to myself, my wife Melanie, and three out of our four daughters: Calista Nicole, Shae-Lynn Marie, and Christina Rose. The attached building used to be the Cottage Hospital beginning in the 1920's. The property has served as a farm, local hospital, beer brewery, and home to many.

My wife, Melanie, and I purchased the property in 2003 as a temporary residence as we were building our next home closer to the coast. During our stay here, my former construction company of 23 years suffered bankruptcy. Our oldest child, Benaiah John, suffers from autism and has required extensive intervention and advocacy on our part. These and other circumstances have prompted us to pursue this career change.

The privilege of being a dad and the desire to be available for all of my children has prompted the name "Big Daddy's Farm." Although our farm is still in it's infancy, we hope you'll consider supporting our efforts while enjoying the ultimate in pork. In time, with your help, we'll offer many more products that will contribute to a healthier life for many.


Straw Farm

has it's economic roots in a MOFGA Certified Organic herd of Jersey cows. Thirty-five girls are milked twice a day. Milk is shipped every other day to Horizon Organic and bottled here at home with the Straw Farm label for deliveries to stores in Midcoast and Southern Maine. You can also find the milk at the Dandelion Spring farmers' market stand. Despite the twice daily ties of milking cows, Lee is more commonly known for his history as a shepard. We have about 50 ewes that lamb each March at the farm, and another 100 ewes that lamb in May on an island in Penobscot bay.


fine line Farm

Fine Line Farm is located on 90 acres of protected farmland.  We have 8 acres of crop land, 2 in orchard, 20 in pasture, and the remaining is a combination of woodland and bog. The land has been farmed on and off for over one hundred and fifty years- evidenced by our beautiful old timber framed barn, the stand of old apple trees and the stories we hear around town. There is a vernal pond in the pasture, a swimming/fishing pond, walking trails in the woods, and a river in the back. It’s a pretty wonderful place to call home.

Farm like you’ll live forever….. Everything we do is looking toward the future health of this land and making it a great place for whomever is here after us.

We are unconventionally grown- that means no herbicides, no pesticides, no fungicides, and no chemical fertilizers. Not now. Not ever. We grow some 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables while practicing a diverse and complex crop rotation with multiple cover crops to build soil, combat pests and produce great tasting food. Our 150 hens are rotated through the pasture and cover crops helping in pest control, adding fertility and producing eggs with rich yolks. 


Morning Dew Farm

Morning Dew Farm is a 6 acre MOFGA certified organic vegetable farm with a farmhouse and homestead in Newcastle and farmland at the northern gateway of Damariscotta. Morning Dew Farm is owned and operated by husband and wife team Brendan McQuillen and Brady Hatch alongside the skilled and community-minded Dew Crew.



Calyx Farm is owned and operated by Alex McCaffree and Catherine Durkin. We grow one acre of MOFGA certified organic mixed vegetables in Morrill, Maine. 

We met while living and farming in Washington, where we honed our farming skills before making our way across the country to Maine. Calyx Farm took root in 2017, and we can't wait to see what each new season will bring! 

Calyx Farm is also home to Half Hitch Flowers, a cut flower collaboration between Catherine and our neighbor, Ellen.